Supplements in Monterey Park

Vitamin Madness

Vitamins can be deceptive because of their labeling. They are marketing to people very well because the industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Even medical doctors are recently studying vitamins and nutrition in medical school, something that is unprecedented. And still it becomes very confusing as to which is the right product, does it interact with something you are already taking and is it effective.

Looking at various studies of single nutrient vitamins, scientists are puzzled to find that natural foods provide protective health benefits and synthetic or isolated-nutrient supplements do not. For example, a review was made of research on flavanoids, a group of nutrients found in plant foods. There was plenty of evidence that in foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and wine the nutrients were protective against cancer, heart disease and other diseases. But there were no studies showing any value to fractionated supplements. Stick with whole food vitamins and flavanoid rich foods like apples and onions. Ain't nothing like the real thing!

Remember Nature does not produce carbohydrates, protein or fats, but whole foods. Vitamins are integral parts of a complex whole food. Minerals are not made as isolated food factors, but parts of the whole. Calcium does not grow as food, lettuce or kale does. Essential fatty acids are not produced in Nature, nuts and seeds are. There is an interdependence, a symbiosis (working together) among the different elements of food that is lost by at entation, processing, refining and overcooking. Nature places food substances in balanced packages.

If you want to supplement your diet with a good multi-vitamin and mineral the best most healthy way is a whole food based vitamin. Standard Process, the first vitamin company in America grows their food organically and puts the whole functional food in the product. That's why people get well when they use these products.

Generally, for good health, people need to limit themselves to natural foods, stay away from altered oils or fats, from refined and denatured and processed foods. Raw foods should be included in two to three meals per day.

Remember, if you are lacking in any of these areas a quality organic whole food supplement should be considered as part of your daily routine.


Our office sells a full line of vitamins that can only be purchased through a health care provider. Only these products can assure you full quality and functional whole food ingredients. Most products on the market are full of fillers and are synthetic even when they use the word "Natural" in their labeling. Don't be fooled, only the products we use in our clinic can claim that because they are made from real foods and contain not only vitamins and minerals but phytonutrients as well. Our most effective products are from Standard Process, the first vitamin company in the United States, founded in 1929. Their ingredients are organically grown to provide you with the most healthy product I know of.

Catalyn and Cyrofood

A must for everyone is the whole food supplement that is a multi-vitamin mineral product called Catalyn. Made from alfalfa, carrots, soy beans and other foods, this product contains a food dose of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and even the trace elements This is a great vitamin for children and comes in a tasty chewable. I suggest one tablet with each meat or three per day.

Cyrofood contains more fiber and minerals and is less concentrated than Catalyn. You may take up to six per day.

Awesome B Complex

The B complex is a group of vitamins vital to nerve function and combats STRESS. This product will ensure you get the healthiest and nutrient rich blood possible. It is best used in two distinct groupings for very different functions. Doctors refer to these two groups of the B vitamins as "B" and "G."

Take the "B" part of the B complex for:

Low blood pressure Intolerance to sweets or carbohydrates Intolerance to noise Frequent nighttime urination- Slow irregular heart beat Shortness of breath Poor circulation Frequent yawning or fatigue Slow metabolism Low body temperature .

Take the "G" part of the B complex for:

High blood pressure Overreaction to caffeine Tendency to spasm Tense, irritable and high strung Rapid heart beat Cracking at comers of mouth Poor fat metabolism Restless, jumpy and shaky legs Thinness of upper lip Itchy or bloodshot eyes.

Holistic Detoxification
Ultimate Detoxification


Complete Nutritional Evaluation: The most essential part of the program is to determine your personal nutritional deficiencies. Once this is determined you will be counciled on the appropriate nutritional support. A special diet should be followed and will be thoroughly explained for your maximum benefit. Pre-evaluation and post-evaluation is included.

Detoxification Supports: Specially formulated organic products aid in total body detoxification. This includes colon and liver detoxification as well as the appropriate nutritional supports. This is not a harsh explosive detoxification, but very healing and natural. Many programs use irritants that upset the body and make a person worse. This plan is healthy and very easy on your body.

Weekly support is available to ensure you are using the products exactly as prescribed.


A natural and nutritious whole-food supplement Shake for:

  • Weight reduction programs
  • Blood sugar management
  • Meal replacement
  • Elimination diets
  • Managing the allergic patient
  • Detoxification programs
  • Transitioning patients to a better diet
  • Whole food nutrition for the patient on the run.


  • Promotes the body’s natural detoxification process
  • Encourages healthy kidney function
  • Purifies the blood and supports lymphatic system function
  • Promote4s healthy liver detoxification functions
  • Combines with SP COMPLETE for enhanced detoxification


  • Provides increased dietary fiber
  • Combines with SP COMPLETE and SP CLEANSE for superior detoxification

Try them -- you will discover all 3 are vastly superior to the familiar products of this type.


Allerplex is a food product that boasts many of the vitamins and minerals your immune system needs to fight allergies of all kinds.
150 capsules

Cal Amo contains specialized calcium in a low pH form that helps correct pH imbalance which may accompany allergies.
90 tablets

Black Currant Seed Oil supplies the essential fatty acid GLA which helps the body produce PGI, a prostaglandin that is known to be low in spring and fall when allergies are most common.
90 pearls

Antronex provides a naturally occurring antihistamine effect. Many allergies are associated with increase histamine levels, which not only worsen the allergy symptoms but can increase pain sensation.
90 tablets

Super IMMUNE booster

This is the best immune system booster we've seen. We've been using this successfully for more than twenty years. When you feel a cold or flu coming on take this immediately to stop it in it's tracks, when others around you are sick or for any infection or allergy. We have used this successfully for asthmatics, ear infections and sinus infections. THIS IS OUR NUMBER ONE SELLER, A MUST TRY!

Battle Recurring Ear Infections

Eustachian Phlegm is a natural herbal remedy that is the end all to this very difficult problem in many babies and young children. We have experienced many children who were saved from continual antibiotic usage and even surgery for tube placement. This product really is AMAZING!

Fantastic Female Products

Hormones play a significant role in keeping the body healthy and functioning properly. Women's hormonal needs fluctuate in response to the changing seasons of their lives and the physical and emotional demands that accompany life's changes. Here are just a few of our female products to help you keep up with life's demands.

Symplex F contains Protomorphogen extracts that support the healthy function of the adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary glands and the reproductive organs. This product helps to support the hormonal system.
90 tablets

Livco contains Schisandra fruit, Rosemary Leaf and Milk Thistle seed. These herbs support the liver as it metabolizes circulating toxins and female hormones. The breakdown of female hormones by the liver assists in alleviating symptoms normally associated with the menstrual cycle.
90 tablets